Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy 16th Anniversary

Today is our 16th Wedding Anniversary. I think back to the day we were married...a day that was full of excitement, anxiety, intimdation. I had absolutely no idea how to be a wife, or for that matter, even how to love...but you were so patient and understanding. You have always loved me unconditionally and you waited patiently for God to work in my heart until I could return that love. I'm so thankful that you did. I honestly think that we have one of the best marriages around. We've seen our share of heartaches and hard times, but we've also experienced immense joy and laughter and good times. Just last night I was trying so hard to be stern with you because you had frustrated me and you had me laughing before I could even explain why I was angry. Sometimes you exasperate me, but I love you! These have been a hard 16 years...but I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Happy Anniversary's to the next year of life, love, and laughter!


mindi said...

How awesome we were married on the same day :D

Laura said...

Happy Anniversary!

We're working on 16 this year, too...Only by God's grace have we gotten so far!