Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I just got home from my Monthly Marker Club Meeting and waiting on Mallorye to get home from her volleyball game in West Helena. This is the first game I've ever missed of hers since 7th grade...but West Helena is a 3-1/2 hour drive and I just couldn't leave work today. She's texted me and said they won...yeah!! It just seems so strange to wait for her to come home and not have to pick her up. I'm still not used to her driving...wondering if I ever will be.

I guess life is all about changes. I feel them all around me. The seasons are changing...the harsh heat of summer is starting to submit to the milder fall air. My kids are changing...growing more and more into the adults that they're meant to be. Even relationships are changing. I've made some really neat friends lately and it's awesome to see how God is blessing those relationships. Some of the changes are welcome while others are hard to swallow. I'm not sure what God is doing right now in my life....decluttering certain areas...but I'm open to His leading and I suppose that is truly the important part.

I know that nothing stays the same and I've heard it said..."if you're not changing, you're not growing"...it is for this reason that I embrace the changes, even the ones that are difficult.


Alicia Chambers said...

Ok other than the kid driving thing...I'm sooo feeling your exact thoughts! I'm glad I read it b/c I liked the part about not changing/not growing. I'm so enjoying you being in my life. You are a blessing as well as your family. See ya tomorrow night.

letters to elijah said...

I think seeing your children grow and change has to one of the most wonderful and difficult times for us mothers.
I cry each time I have to send Sara off to school. Next week Eli starts preschool - I'm going to be a basket case!

mindi said...

oooh - I've been having the same thoughts about Hunter. He's only six, but man is he changing and having so much trouble with it. I don't envy you and the driving part, that will be one of my nightmares!!

Katrina said...

Ladies from my MOM Group (Moms On a Misson) tell me that some people come into your life for a moment, A day, A Season or for life. It's just up to G-d and what he wants us to get out of these diffrent relationships/friendships. I added my nest 25 of 100 things just FYI.
Katrina in AZ