Saturday, September 6, 2008

Agony of Defeat

Mallorye has been such a trooper with her recent illness and injuries, but this week she finally had to concede.

First her leg and ankle...the swelling still has not gone down from the break 7 weeks ago. She's been playing volleyball on it for several weeks now and every night when she comes in, she has to prop it up and take some Advil. Finally, Wednesday night, she came to me and asked me to call the Orthopaedic doctor. I did, knowing it would mean the end of her volleyball season. He put her back in her stirrup brace and she starts physical therapy next week. This past Thursday we watched her play her last game as a Junior. Now to concentrate on getting her well and ready to play her heart out her Senior Year.

Due to the fact that her volleyball season is finished and her swallowing is becoming more and more compromised, I decided to call the surgeon and see if we could push up her thyroidectomy. We can. It's in 10 days! September 17th. She has a 4 day break at school that week and it seemed to be a good time to get this taken care of. I looked at her last night and tried to imagine what she'll look like without the goiter. Strange how it feels so much a part of her that it's almost sad to lose it. I know it needs to be done for her health...physically and mentally...but just let me tell ya...this week has been emotional for this mama with all these things going on in my little girls' life.

Please pray for us. Specifically for;
*quick recovery and healing for Mallorye
*wisdom on the part of the doctors and nurses
*insurance to cover these expenses
*strength for Quentin and I
*Blake to have patience while sis takes the front seat

Thank you guys! I'll be back on the blog later...must blog about the Derby and National Anthem!


Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

I'm praying for you! I'm sure she'll do well :)

Alicia Chambers said...

Praying for Mal if you need any help just call or if Blake just wants to get away he's always welcome over here.

John and Melissa Simmons said...

hey sis.. like my 2girls still at home and their mother, I think Mal will draw strength for the coming days from God, but from her mother and Father and brother as a close second. Especially her mom. As much as us guys hate to admit it sometimes. fact is, 'when it hurts' mom is usually the person that makes things matter the injury or age.
I have faith that Mal will do fine. And you know the prayers are already going up for you all. Love ya gang!