Saturday, September 6, 2008

National Anthem, Demolition Derby, & Sandals

...sure they go together!

Ok, so about 2 weeks ago my husband got a call from one of the guys at the National Guard Armory wanting to know if I could sing the National Anthem the first night of the Derby. In a weak moment, I said yes, not even thinking about what I was getting myself in to. I mean, I knew I would be there...hubby had to judge and I usually help in the concession stand...but this is the National Anthem and you don't want to SCREW IT UP!

Well, this week I got a little panicky about the whole thing and called in reinforcements! My best friend, Lisa. She was a lifesaver and didn't seem to mind that we got a few laughs at her expense.

Enter Exhibit #1
The Sandals

Lisa was totally not thinking when she got ready for the Derby. It has rained for the past several days and well...the Derby arena was just a muddy mess. We literally had to walk across about 10 feet of 3" mud to get to the platform where we would be singing. Luckily, one of the Guardsmen took us back across on his 4-wheeler! (thank you, Fred) Needless to say, Lisa's sandals and toes didn't fair too well in the mud and mire.

I talked her into staying and watching at least one heat...I think she was ready to kill She was so not prepared for the smoke, the noise, the being hit and rolled over. I have to's pretty redneck...but ever once in a while you gotta let that hick out! It's a whole lot like football for cars...last one standing (or in this case, the car still moving) wins.

It was a fun night for me. Just hangin' out with some friends ...Amy, David, Kim, Colette & Co., and Lisa. Everyone said we did great on the National Anthem and I didn't see anyone leave while we were singing. Thanks Lisa!!

*side note
my kiddos were at the Paragould vs. Tech football game...crosstown rivals...Paragould won 20-0 Yeah Paragould!!

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John and Melissa Simmons said...

Between you and my beloved wife, i get tickled when you either one doubt your God given talent to sing. You both have the gift. You both can bring the house down when you choose. Granted the Anthem is not easy by far. Just another event that re-iterates what I have learned over the years. God places friends in our lives for many reasons. We talked of many changing things in your sis during the deployment. The biggest and best one,putting our hopes and needs in Gods hands knowing he will provide. A concept all of us will find being tested by outside forces from time to time. The truth?... this is how I know in my heart , Mal and the family will also do well with all thats being faced this month. Psalms 46:10 sis, it takes so much faith as we both know... but we have also been shown the fruits of having that, and we know the ultimate reward awaits...God Bless you all! May He bring peace,comfort and guidance to all involved with upcoming events. Although we may not be able to be there in person across the hundreds of miles, know that in Spirit, we stand next to you in fervent prayer...