Sunday, September 7, 2008

To Be Chosen

Tonight was Summit and it was so awesome (more on that at a later post), but the truly awesome part of tonight was after church. Our pastor and his wife asked our family to accompany them to her grandmother's house. We always take communion at Summit and her grandmother is homebound and nearing the end of her life...but she still wants to partake with the body of Christ. What an awesome privilege it was to bear witness of this servitude. I feel very honored that they asked us to go and be a part of such an intimate time. I know they could have taken any number of people from our congregation, but tonight...they chose our family. Tonight will go down as one of my favorite communions.

Thank you Jesus for shedding you blood for me...for being that I might have life....thank you for choosing me to be your daughter...a daughter of the King.


John and Melissa Simmons said...

Ministering to geriatric folks I have found all my life to be not only fruitful and a blessing, but most times their witness to Christ and what he has done in their lives is equally a blessing.
Many times ,whether the aged are family, or friends, or aquaintance, there is usually one truth. If their life belongs to God, then they usually have a story to share, whether it be with adults or kids. I know from early on in life, if you have the wisdom to do so, if you listen , there is always something to be learned.
As i catch up on some reading here, and have reflected to recent events that have transpired around here. Theres been alot of soul-searching take place. I will most likely blog on our site about all that. The words you used Ginger provoked thought in my heart and mind this morning. Words we have heard many times ,describing our Lord and his Passion and sacrifice for us. But you will have to go read my blog I guess if you want to know more.

letters to elijah said...

Amen!! :)