Monday, September 8, 2008

Summit at Southside

Matt & Jessica Maestas from Desoto Community Church

Last night was Summit for Southside Community Church and if you missed it, man I'm sorry. We had a guest speaker, Matt Maestas from Desoto, KS. My family first met Matt while in Kansas on the Summer Mission Trip. Well, let me tell ya...Matt brought it last night. He preached the Word of God with passion and challenged all of us to really seek what God is calling us to do... His main topic was on church planting, but I got way more than that out of it. Here's my highlights;

*What does it look like when Jesus moves into a neighborhood? What needs are met?

*If Southside ceased to exist would anyone, besides its members, notice? This one really hit home with me!!

*North America is the only continent where the church is NOT growing.

*Don't be afraid to pray the "Dangerous Prayer"....Lord, whatever you're calling me to do, I'm willing to do it.

I'm still digesting alot of what he said last night and asking myself, "what does God want from me and my family?" I prayed last night that God would help me to position myself to be useable by be able to move geographically if that's what he have a pocketbook that is able to help where I'm called. I have a long way to go, but willingness is definitely the first step!


mindi said...

You are so far ahead of me. I've asked God to use me, wherever he sees fit, but I am struggling at the same time with my own faith. (Not always, but sometimes).
I'm getting there, and once I do get there, maybe He'll start to really use me for what I'm here for!!

must_decrease said...


Just stumbled across the link from our church blog and thanks for digesting this a bit!

It was a joy to spend time with you all in Paragould a few weeks ago and having the team here last week was a blessing as well.

I certainly missed having your family out this time, but hopefully all of you can make it when Southside makes a return trip this coming summer.

Serving together,

Matt Maestas