Saturday, September 13, 2008

Update on my Whining...

...well, it's Saturday morning and since I'm blogging...I guess you can figure out that I decided to stay home this weekend vs. going to the Women's Retreat. It was an agonizing decision, but once made, I felt at peace.

Today's plan: get the house in order for next week!

I know you people must think my house is a disaster. It's not. Only to me. I am extremely OCD when it comes to the house and being I have some things that need to get done before I can relax. Like laundry! And changing the sheets. And my ever cluttered desk. Other than that, the house is in good shape, but of course I'll dust, sweep, and mop anyway...because that's what I do.

I have some movies to watch later when I take a break and I'm planning on going to the rodeo it's not all work this weekend...just hard and heavy this morning.

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John and Melissa Simmons said...

Well sis all I can say is that I wished everyone 'whined' in the same manner.... lol ...I could be a bit more tolerant. Seriously though... this isnt whining, I beleive self expression would be a more accurate term.... self expression is not one of your problems sis.. so you just keep 'whining' ;) I know you were torn about the retreat and so forth. People that know you and know the situation ,not to mention have a heart will totally understand... times like this is where you find out whom your true friends know this...but ok enough bloviating on my part... by the way , I have some photos i want to put on my blog of melissa and I and other stuff like what you have on the right of your page here... when you are back home and have time, would you drop me a line , and edjmuncate me on how to do it? :) thanks... talk at you soon.