Friday, September 12, 2008

Greatest Show On Dirt

Last night we were able to relax a little at the Northeast Arkansas Rodeo courtesy of some good friends, George & Colette. They were riding in the Grand Opening and needed someone to sit with their, we scored free tickets! Yeah!! Mal had a ballgame, so I took a friend from work, Kim...she loves going to the rodeo (and she's secretly ...or not so secretly...looking for a man...what better place) Anywho, the opening was awesome, paying tribute to our Policeman, Firefighters, and Soldiers who sacrifice daily for all of us and a remembrance of a 09/11 seven years ago. It was complete with fireworks, flags, and even a soldier propeeling from the ceiling! Awesome I tell ya!
Grand Opening of the Rodeo...that's my friends George & Colette in their Mounted Patrol uniforms.

This cowboy just couldn't hang for 8 seconds...bronc riding is tougher than it looks!

Not too bad.

My favorite part of the rodeo...the bull riding! Such an adrenaline rush!

Rudy ...taunting the bull...he's been at this for as long as I can remember going to rodeos.

Ava a sweet moment!

Ava Jo & Me...please don't look at the double chin!

Katie & my friend Kim

It was a great night and I really needed the relaxation and laughter! I'll be going back on Saturday night when they ride again...I'm sure I'll have some new pix then. I regret I didn't get any pictures of Boden, Blake or Quentin...aargh!

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mindi said...

Glad you went and had a great time. I totally want to go to a rodeo, but I've never been. And I'm crazy about horses!! Go figure . . .