Thursday, September 11, 2008

Do You Remember?

I remember.

I was sitting at my desk listening to the radio when the air waves were bombarded with confusion and reports of the terrorist attack. We all went upstairs to the break area and turned on the TV. I was stunned. As the wife of a soldier, I knew that this meant forever change. I knew immediately that America would not sit idly by and let this atrocity go unpunished. I knew we would seek out the evil that inflicted such horrific pain on all of us...and I knew that husband would be a part of that hunt.

I drove to the nearby school and picked up both of my children and held them close for 2 days. I needed to know they were safe. I needed to be with them, to protect them.

Seven years later...
My husband has served proudly in Iraq in the war on terror. I still struggle with the safety of our country, but I'm prouder to be an American today than I was seven years ago. I am on the mend...healing..finally. Today is the first 09/11 that I've worked since that day in 2001. I don't's always been such a sad day for me that I needed to be home ...mourning for what our country was.

But today...I'm rejoicing at all our country can be. I'm choosing to move forward. I'm choosing to heal.


letters to elijah said...

It still gives me chills to think about all of it. It was a haunting day.

John and Melissa Simmons said...

Well as you and others may have read on my blog , healing is one thing forgetting is another, none of us will ever forget. This was our generations "Day of Infamy" and the day that the days of AlQuaeda and the Taliban become shortly numbered. Its hard to know how to forgive such murderous acts.
My largest fear is that our nation is forgetting and growing tired of the fight. We must not. next time it could be a rogue nation with and ICBM ,like Iran or Russia, or Korea, that inflict disaster on a biblical scale.Do we surrender in Spanish with Obama? Or do we standfast with Mccain.. well duh!
Like the other lady that commented there are chills to be had, thanks to our military mobilization the chills now keep the enemy company.