Saturday, September 20, 2008

We're Home!!

It has been a long week. Mallorye (16) went in for her thyroidectomy Wednesday morning...early...5:30am early! By 7:30am we were in the surgery holding area and Mal was talking about Simba swimming through the gates of the Emerald City. Two of our pastors, Charles and Mike, came down and prayed with us, while a host of friends and family waited in the waiting room. All told, Mal had 16 people in the waiting room cheering her on and praying for her and countless people that were in their daily routines stopping to say a prayer. We are blessed, no doubt.

The surgery went well (2 hours in OR and 2 hours in recovery) and we settled in for our overnight stay in the hospital. More visitors. More phone calls. And of course more texts. I found it so amusing that the first thing she said when they got her to her room was, "where's my phone?"....the second? "Do you have a mirror?" Just like a teenager! For me, it was amazing to see that her neck sunk in where the goiter used to be. It's been there for so long and it was strange to see her "skinny neck" in it's place.

Wednesday night brought some pain and a dip in her calcium levels. We still thought we might get to go home, but they wanted to check her levels one more time at 8pm on Thursday before discharging us. Well, Katie bar the door. Her levels dropped again and she started having twitches and tingling in her hands and feet. Before the night was up, her entire body was numb and the doctor paid us a midnight visit. We whammied her with calcium and hoped for the best. She didn't have a drain tube or IV at this point, so we just waited on Mr. Calcium to cooperate. We passed the time coloring and putting together puzzles (thanks Katie W.). Her levels are still low, but they let us come home last night...Friday...a little more than an overnight stay...she was a little bummed...since she had a cute male tech taking care of her. She swears she could get his number given a little more time. LOL!

To spite the low calcium and tingling, she is doing great! I know it's only because so many people held her close in prayer. Thank you all! Enjoy some hospital pix!

A view of Mal's room...look at all the cute gifts she received...loved I'm tellin' ya!

My bed...doesn't it look comfy? Just like the Hampton Inn. Not.

2 days Post-Op and she looks better than I do! Beautiful!!

Model Behavior.

Posing with 2 of her gifts...the bear, Apple Trinity, is from her Small Group at church...the monkey, Molly, is from her brother and Adrienne...and the rest of the Chamber-Nelson gang!


John and Melissa Simmons said...

Well I am glad to hear all are at home finally. I know from experience the best place to recover is at home most times.
I wouldnt worry to much about the tingling numbness thing. This was a major surgery, even if labeled routine. So the used heavy anthesia to be sure she was under. As the remainder of the anesthesia wears off , the numbness and tingling should go away. At least this is how it was with some of the surgeries Melissa underwent.
The pics look good, Mal shines through like a trooper as we all knew she would. Now you all are home and you can relax and catch up , on what I know is some much needed rest. Know that our family will continue to keep Mal in prayer along with the rest of you for a speedy recovery and rehab on her legs so she can get back in the games she enjoys.
You all take care you guys !

mindi said...

Glad to see you are home at last - and everything went well.
God is good :D

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Glad to hear she's finally home! She looks great!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

So glad you're home! Cause I know your bed is WAY better than that chair. :)

Seriously, glad things are looking up. I prayed for your family!