Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wired Up

Meet "wired up" boy!...I really think he looks like a unibomber, but didn't know if that was appropriate?!

I know I've been at home is still not back online and it's driving me insane...something wrong with the wireless adaptor driver...or some mumbo-jumbo like that.

Anyway, thought I'd do a very quick update. Yesterday I spent the day at the hospital with Blake getting hooked up to a Holter Monitor. He's been having some episodes of rapid heart rate (150+BPM), shortness of breath, and chest pain. This started in 2006 while his dad was in Iraq, but recently have started up again. The doctors think he's suffering from panic disorder, but are checking his heart again to make sure. I don't think it's his heart, but I don't think it's panic either. I just want some clear answers and not just settling for a diagnosis. So, what to do? The doctor wants us to go in for a psych eval...I'm just not sure I'm cofortable with that...any suggestions.

Ok, I hope my internet gets worked out at home soon...I've got some awesome pix to share with you guys from our weekend...Blue Angels Air Show...we had a blast and you guys need in on the fun!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm so sorry about your son! (And your computer!) I don't know what to tell you about his heart rate/psych evaluation. I would be tentative too. Keep us posted!

LeadHership: said...

Ginger, your blog is awesome, man! I
SO just added you to mine. LOVE the original, awesome!

Alicia Chambers said...

Ok that pic just cracks me up! We have been seriously praying for Blake and for the docs to figure out what is going on. Love ya!

Simmons Family said...

Hey sis,
Well see what happens . The bro goes away for a few days and Blake gets all wirey,literally, and the internet breaks , and no telling what else you havent had time to blog on. Although, I cant preach much, I havent updated my blog in a week or so. I will try sometime this weekend. Our apaologies for being late on this issue and prayer need for Blake. Know that we will keep him in thought and prayer and know we beleive they will get to the bottom of it. As myself and Melissa know, nothing worries a parent like one of their kids being sick. Or as in this case ,simply not up to par as they should be, and looking for the answers. You guys know God will carry you through. No need to remind you. But I did anyhow :)
We have been meeting ourselves coming and going this week. Melissa had another nerve block. We dont have much hope that it will do anything different than the others. At this point if her back is healed, it will be because of Gods mighty hand, and not these doctors. Time has run out for them to get it right. Being disabled as much as she is, due to their delays, etc, I have promised her, myself, and them, when this thing is over. She will never have to work another day in her life. Vengeance? No. Thats Gods. Justice? You better believe it , You cant raise 3 kids on 1 income. They caused the issue. They will have to pay the piper. She will be paying the rest of her life most likely. Continuing with litigation I beleive is only far and just, concerning her.

Anyhow so do the Angels still fly the f-18's? Or have they changed again? Last time I saw them was at an airshow in Dayton, Ohio. At Wright-Patterson AFB, we were tasked at the time with flight line security. You would be suprised at the folks that have no concept of the dangers of sneaking on the flight line to get a pic or whatever.They can get run over or burned severely in a jet blast. I figure depending on location, they have established rope lines nowadays. Well gotta eat and run, its raining and cold here. Blah day. We have you guys in prayer ^5 to Blake, tell him to keep his chin up!

Love ya guys
John and Melissa

mindi said...

If I were you I'd get the psych eval, just to round out your bases. I know teenagers can have lots of issues, but if it turns out to be nothing, it would be another check off the list of possibilities!!
Praying for you guys and for Blake, hope everything works out soon.