Monday, October 13, 2008

Busy Weekend

Happy Monday!

Well my weekend was just as crazy as anticipated...some things got done...some did not! And you know what? That's ok.

Friday I traded the funeral visitation for dinner with my friend, Alicia. We had a great time just getting to know each other and found that we're much more alike than either of us realized. Blake went with her daughter, Adrienne, to the GCT Homecoming Game and Mallorye was at her friend, Hailey's, for an overnight camp out to celebrate Hailey's 16th birthday.

Saturday morning I went to the funeral...beautiful service...inspiring! I know that seems weird for a funeral, but to hear people talk about Paul, could only inspire one to do great things for the Lord while on this earth. Blake and I had a mom/son date at Zaxby's and then went to Little Daniel's 9th Birthday party...and then we all parted ways. I went to Christmas Practice, Mal went to the movies with the foreign exchange students, and Blake went to Pumpkin Hollow. It was a late night for all of us, but I think we all had a great day!

Sunday, was church. My weekend to sing so that started early. And of course...more play practice. Blake had to cook dinner for our small group since I was busy with practice and Q is out of town. He made lasagne and picked up the house and everything was wonderful. He's growing up so much...but doesn't keep me from grounding him today! He's not been doing his homework.

The computer is still at the shop and I'm hoping to get it back tomorrow or Wednesday! I hate being without a computer!!!! Determined to have a great week! It was a busy weekend.


John and Melissa Simmons said...

Hey sis, heres to a better week, right back at ya! Right now , thus far this week is just kinda blah ,no good ,no bad, just there. A good thing I guess. I am sorry you had been hurt last weekend. Sometimes the people closest to us can hurt us most and never ever really mean to. I dont know who or what the situation was about. Doesnt matter though, in truth its just that connection we share as friends that allows a decent amount of insight and connectivity when things are amiss.
Sis... always remember , people will let us down. Always. Friend or family . People will falter. It is our nature. This is the reason I learned back when I was living there and going through my divorce and all that mess , that our trust must be placed in God. What do I mean? Well, in real life, as I said, even our best friends, our spouses, maybe some other family member or church member will let us down, hurt us, or offend us. If our faith and our focus is with God all the way, then we will not be so traumatized/hurt by anothers failings towards us. We must be sure we beleive that God will bring those into our lives that we need , those who will don as they should and help us to do the same.
Remember sis, scriptures say we all sin and fall short of the glory of God. And scriptures also teach reconciliation. Not just where marriage and family are concerned , but with church members and friends as well. Scriptures teach us to live at peace as much as lies within us.
Even if we were not the one at fault and the other person was. Remember the scriptures teach to pray that person for that situation. Especially if that person refuses to humble themselves and admit the wrong and make things right. Scriptures also teach that praying for those who have wronged us , is the same as pouring hot coals upon their head. If the person is a Christian, whether it be a family member or friend , matthew 18 explains in detail how to go about reconciliation. The basic guidelines anyhow. Shoot sis, even you and i have disappointed each other from time to time. Nothing major. Just everyday stuff. But we learned from it sis, and shared with each other what we expect from the other as a friend, and a God given friendship has blossomed because of it. I know you have many friends like Lisa and different ones who have that bond even closer with you. Keep those friendships as templates.
Like me, sometimes we have our emotions or feelings a little to overexposed on our sleeves. Someone comes along and carelessly knocks them to the ground, not realizing what effect that might have. Thats where we have to remember that we are doing whatever act of thoughtfulness or kindness or goodness to bring glory to Gods name, because by definition "Christian" we are to let our light shine , so that people will see our good works, and glorify OUR Father in Heaven..scriptures state this to us flat out, Finally scriptures also state that it is better to be praised by anothers mouth, than by our own. Knowinhg you as i have come to know you over recent years, i have no doubt that your acts of thoughtfulness towards this person last week were genuine. But always remember sis, no matter who recognizes what we do or dont do, God see our hearts, our thoughts ,our action, and he knows our intent. While the human need for recognition is by nature. Our spiritual needs require that we do thing lovingly and without prejudice towards anyone or situation. Look at the writers of the new testament, despite all of their good deeds, wonderful truth based teachings ,or ministry in general, most were imprisoned or put to death. However, there is no doubt that our reward, their reward lies in wait in heaven with God. Go to this person sis, walk with them to the alter, and pray, dont wait on them. It does require swallowing the hurt and being humble, but your example through action will give an unprecedented witness to our walk with Christ , and our commitment to his will for our life. May God richly bless you sis, may he overwatch and help to reconcile that situation ,big or small, that caused hurt feelings and disappointment.
Love you all sis! Have a great week.

mindi said...

Glad you had a good weekend - it is always best to be energized for the upcoming hectic nature of the work week!!
I bet you can't wait until you get your computer back, I would be SO lost.