Friday, October 10, 2008

Because I Can't Just Leave You Hanging For The Weekend....

....Ok, the computer at home has a virus and has to go to the "doctor" and I thought I'd update real quick before I leave work for the day.

I have a monstrous to-do list for the weekend and I'm single-parenting since Q is on TDY again.

Tonight, I have a funeral visitation and a side job to do.

Tomorrow, the funeral...a birthday party for my nephew...Christmas Production practice...and probably need to clean my house at some point.

Sunday, is my weekend to sing I start at church at 7am and will be there most of the day (Christmas practice again) and then small group is at our house at 5pm.

The kids have their own agendas...Mal has a birthday party tonight and a movie planned with some friends tomorrow. Blake is going to Pumpkin Hollow tomorrow night. It's just a BUSY weekend!! Plus, I'm sure I need to get some groceries at some point and get my house in week (Tuesday) is my turn to feed the volleyball team at our house.

Anyway, that's a quick update! I'll see you on Monday...have a great weekend!!

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