Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Feeling A Little Hurt

I've been sitting here, trying to think of something to post...and coming up with ...nothing. My attitude has been so stinky this week that I just didn't want to get on here and complain, but sometimes, you just gotta vent.

My feelings have been hurt...alot...this week. And well, I'm still trying to rise above and be about forgiveness instead of begrudging the person. I know that you should never do things expecting any reciprocation, but it would be nice if it was at least acknowledged. This happened to me this past weekend. I did something nice, unexpected, in secrecy....and you know what? The person has never mentioned it. Not once. I know that they seen it. They know I did it...I put my name on it. But it has not been acknowledged. And I'm hurt.

This same person has done some other things that have hurt my feelings, so I'm just wondering...have I done something wrong? Have I asked to be treated this way?


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm so sorry, Ginger. That stuff does hurt and I'm sorry it happened to someone as nice as you.

John and Melissa Simmons said...
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Anonymous said...

Sweet pea, I am sorry you are hurt. Girlfriend, "I" appreciate you!!!

mindi said...

I'm so sorry!! You have been so nice to me, and I wanted to let you know, if I'm feeling better by November and Kevin still isn't going to be home, I will seriously consider visiting your place for Thanksgiving. You are too sweet to ask!!!

Angie said...

Hi Ginger! I bookmarked this post awhile back so I could comment... and I finally am!

I'm sorry you felt so hurt. You know, I felt convicted by your post, because I think I've been on the flip side before. I can think of a few times when something did something nice for me, and I didn't show my gratitude. It's an awful feeling. I can give you a list of excuses why (I got busy, too much time went by and then I felt like it was after the fact ((hello, it's NEVER after the fact to say thanks!)), I forgot...), but there is NO EXCUSE. All that to say, it ISN'T you. I can't justify your friends' actions, but just know YOU did the right thing by doing something nice.

It's been a couple weeks now... I wonder if things are better?