Monday, September 29, 2008

Fireproof Defined

...capable of withstanding or preventing damage by fire.

To (almost) quote a line from the movie...being fireproof doesn't mean that a fire won't come, it just means that your marriage won't be damaged in the process.

Yes, we went to see the movie last night...and it was awesome. A tear had escaped my eye before the first scene was finished. There were so many scenes I could relate to and lessons I'd learned the hard way.

Such as, men and women are just wired differently. Men need respect. Women need love. And often the opposite sex doesn't even understand what those needs really are...what they really mean to that person.

Our church is going through a sermon series based on this movie, Fireproof, and Pastor Charles issued this Love Dare to the women (he offered a different one to the men)...

"What makes your husband feel respected by you?" and "What would you like to do this week to make him feel respected by you."

I have some homework to do on this. I think I know what makes Q feel respected, but I want to KNOW. So you know what? I'm just going to ask him. So, how about you? What makes you hubby feel respected?

**ok, I just couldn't not put the guys Love Dare on here's the guys challenge....

"What makes your wife feel loved?" and "What would you like to do this week to make her feel loved by you"


Alicia Chambers said...

My hubby just likes to be included in the day to day stuff with the kids. He isn't home when they are home and it's really hard to recall things that happen but he feels like he's not a part of this family when we don't include him daily. He wants to be able to see the kids on the weekend and ask them specifically about things. If we have something special he wants to be included in it the best we know how. I'll admit there was a time when he knew nothing about what was going on in this house mostly my fault. I'm working on it.

mindi said...

Now I'll have to see that movie. It sounds great, but who knows when I'll have time :D

John and Melissa Simmons said...

Wish we were already there. Would love to take part in that series of sermons. We have added the movie to our netflix list of movies. The chances of us getting to see it anytime soon are remote due to everything happening. As you know date nights are scarce here. Logistical issues finding a babysitter and the fact we live 30miles from a town big enough to offer anything to do on a date poses enough challenge.
My wife and i sometimes grow weary here, Spiritually , physically. We can not wait to be gone from here. Your right about one thing sis, Fireproof doesnt make us immune to the Firestorms. But we are given the ability and knowledge to extinguish them from God.

Christy M. said...

I love this post. I haven't seen the movie and have no illusions of being able to see it until it's out on DVD, but I can't wait.

It is so true that our husbands need respect more that anything! It's hard to fathom sometimes, but I find that I have to remind myself often.

I'm doing a bible study right now on the Fruits of the Sprirt and this week discussed Love, Pride, and Respect. It opened my eyes and made me realize I need to put a little more effort into my marriage!!

Thanks for always stopping by my blog to comment! It brightens my day to see your comments.