Saturday, September 27, 2008

Something New To Perfect

Quentin's brother, Warren, just moved home after 20 years, from Pennsylvania. The kids have never really had an opportunity to get to know Uncle Warren...I think he's been home three times since Mallorye was they're eating up their time with him.

Warren loves music. He had a band in PA and even has written some of his own songs. Well, it's no secret that we love music around our house too...and Warren has offered to teach the kids to play guitar. Blake had his first lesson yesterday and learned the "G" chord. He actually has picked up on it pretty quickly and is working on the "D" chord this week.

Here's some pix...doesn't he just look like a country singer??


Alicia Chambers said...

Watch out Keith Urban! LOL I love music and I always wanted to learn how to play an instrument so glad my kids are interested. Jeremy plays trombone and is learning keyboard, Justin is about to start with a bass guitar and Bren wants to learn how to play the drums.

John and Melissa Simmons said...

This is one of those talents ,should he stick with it, he will only get better with time concerning it. Few people know I can sing. But have won countless awards in my younger life Solo Ensemble, etc. Although I obviously never made it past state competitions ,I really enjoyed it and dabbled with keyboard and synthesizers back in the day. This mans heart has always been set to music. Music has a profound affect . Its fun ,its cool, and like a persons eyes sometimes do, it allows people to see an individual for who they are. No matter the age. Josh my oldest stepson who is out on his own ,has faced down some rough times in life, his love for guitar and the music have helped to get him through alot. Its an accomplishment Blake will enjoy for a long time to come.Who knows, he may stand up on that stage at church someday taking part of leadership in worship through music. God Bless!