Friday, November 7, 2008

Thoughts on the Election

First thought, thank God that it's over.

After getting over my disappointment, I've moved on to consider my responsibility as an American citizen and a child of God. We have a new person in authority and I believe we're called to respect that authority. I do not, nor will I ever, approve of all of our Presidents policies and convictions...but that doesn't change my responsibility to obey the laws of the land and respect those that are put in authority.

A blog I read put this in wonderful perspective...exactly what I'm head over to The Preacher's Wife and see what she had to say about the Election. (no need for me to re-write it, when she has done it so eloquently)

Side note; I am in awe that I've been able to witness history once again. This election in so many ways, (first African-American President, a female running mate...) will pave the way for future elections...and I firmly believe what Mr. Obama stated...we can now tell our children with complete confidence that they CAN be anything they desire....the glass ceiling has been shattered.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I read a good post about this last night. Basically saying that sometimes God allows things to happen to teach us hard things. I think these next few years are going to be full of some hard things, but maybe we'll learn that it's not the government that we need to be looking to for answers.

mindi said...

I keep telling myself that we must go on, and being afraid of the future won't help one bit.
I have to put my faith in God! Thanks for the reminder . . .

Simmons Family said...

Good morning -
Well I am glad to see that I am not the only to have taken some time, to review recent events in my thoughts and prayers.
I invite your readers sis, to come to my blog and read my thoughts and opinions on recent politcal events and turning points. I spent quite a while in the Bible concerning the matter and in thought and prayer.
Like many of you, my wife and I dont know what to think.
We also feel it is arrogant presumption should we venture to try and guess what God is up to. Mainly because scriptures teach us that His thoughts are not our thoughts, and His ways are not our ways. But most of all His word will accomplish that which it is set forth to accomplish.
It is no suprise that many are bewildered at recent events. We must have faith, that in the end, we as Christians know where this will all end. The fleeting memories ,tears ,worries,disapointments and hurt of this life wont even be remembered. I invite all to come and participate in commenting or discussion on our blog. I do agree with you sis on doing our duty as American citizens and following the law of the land. With one exception. Where the laws of man contradict Gods law. Hence the persecution God warns us as Christians about. Most of us have kids, some even grandkids, not to mention the worries of our own generations and the issues at hand. This may very well be a historic event. The 'glass cieling shattered' as you stated. But we are forced to consider everything at stake. How many so-called 'Christians ' nationwide have submitted themselves to becoming lukewarm Christians ,compromising the faith and beleifs we hold true as Christians ,for the whole world to see , just to be a part of an Historic Event? The Leaders of the Southern Baptist Churches,United Methodist, Church of Christ, Church of the Nazarene, the list goes on, are asking these same questions. They are wondering where they have gone wrong in their teachings, where have they gone wrong? To the point conservative Americans would make such a choice.
Like you I will support our new leader in as much he allows it by constraining himself to the laws of God . As you said there is no perfect politician. After all, they are just as human as us. All I know to do is pray that God helps us these next four years. We are going to need it, as will our new President ,if we are to survive as a nation.