Sunday, November 2, 2008

Finally...The Blue Angels!

The long awaited Blue Angels post...complete with pictures!

So, a few weeks back, the Blue Angels were at the Little Rock AFB and Q and I couldn't pass up the opportunity. As you know, his brother has just recently moved back to Arkansas from Pennsylvania, and he tagged along as well...and my sister's kids had never been to anything like Aunt Ginger brought them along. It was a long day, but so worth it!

This was the first thing that we saw...a 500 man drop...all those specks are paratroopers! The boys thought this was super wouldn't believe how many pictures I have of this scenario!

Caleb & Daniel...checking out the cockpit of one of the planes on display. I really think they enjoyed getting up close and personal with the aircraft much more than they enjoyed the actual show...except Caleb hated the backpack/harness I made him wear. He kept saying, "I want this monkey off my back." With over 200,000 people in attendance...I wasn't about to give in!

Aunt Ginger and her buds!

Nose view of an F22 hubby was super excited that this plane was on exhibition...but it was roped off, so no one was getting too close.

Caleb couldn't take the excitement anymore....He fell asleep just after the Blue Angels started their demonstration...which would be right after the potty break that took us a mile across the base. I'm not kidding! Fat Albert was flying...which means that the Blue Angels are about to take center stage and Caleb decided he needed to potty, which was a nice little trek across the base...and at this point he did not want to walk. I couldn't believe that he needed to go now. But, go we did and thanks to Aunt Ginger's fast feet...we made it back before take off! Whew!

I love this picture! Hubby did an awesome job with the camera!

Trademark diamond formation.

It was an awesome day! Admission and parking were free (LRAFB Open House), so it was pretty cheap entertainment. We did get the boys some souvenirs since this was their first air show and of course food was astronomical...but hey...we got to see the Blue Angels, so I'm pretty happy. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Alicia Chambers said...

Wow I totally almost forgot you saw the Blue Angels LOL Cool ya!

Simmons Family said...

I can understand Q's fascination with the F-22. That little piece of awesomely expensive and innonvative technology is state of the art and is tasked as a multi role combat aircraft. Ground support ,air to air, interceptor, etc. It may have been roped off, but at least the didnt have the cockpit fogged out . This aircraft has state of the art everything. Can essentially fly itself.
In truth another step closer to completely unmanned combat aircraft.
Its capabilities are limited only by the human equation. It is perfectly capable of manuvering with alot more agility than allowed by the best human pilot. The prohibitive issue is it can exert enough g's to kill in its human occupant. Of course the onboard avionics prevent this from accidentally occuring. They used Blackbird Technologies in the airframe design. As in the SR-71 Blackbird, now de-commissioned due to its age. One is however rumored to still be in service.

I love the USN Blue Angels , they are right up there with the USAF Thunderbirds. Always an awesome spectacle. Would be awesome to see them perform tandemly some day. Doubt thats gonna happen though.

Thanks for the photos sis . Q did a real good job with the camera. Not the easiest thing to catch in still photos.

mindi said...

Those are awesome pics - can you believe I've never seen the blue angels? And I design jet engines for a living!! I need to get my family to a show . . .

LeadHership: said...

Seeing your pix, I'm hoping they come to S. Fl so my boys can experience this. Your little guys will never forget it!

Frugal Finds said...

What an awesome show!!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I love your pics! We live very close to the US Air Force Academy, and get to see the Thunderbirds's just stunning to watch them isn't it??? It's one of my most favorite things actually! Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you had a fun day!