Saturday, November 1, 2008

Party All Day...And Every Night these aren't the best pictures. I've been without blogging for a while and I guess was out of practice and didn't take the camera with me anywhere today...even though we had a gazillion parties to attend...but I did use my ingenuity, and used my cell phone to snap these pictures tonight at Adrienne's birthday party.

Adrienne (13th birthday), Blake, & Katelyn (12th birthday)

Teenagers! Need I say more?

Is this not an awesome cake?! My friend, Tracy, made this cake...I so wish I'd known she made cakes when I was planning Mallorye's Sweet 16...this cake rocks!!

"and so it was"...that there was an awesome party...with an awesome bonfire!

The kids trying to roast marshmallows and hot dogs!
This was all from Adrienne's party...Blake also attended his good friend Katelyn's birthday party earlier today and a Halloween party at the McCullar Ranch last night...complete with haunted hayride. Quentin and I look forward to that party as much as he does I think! He's quite the social bug as you can see.
And of course the weekend wouldn't be complete without a few other things to I went to a baby shower this afternoon and have another one tomorrow after church! Whew!! Almost makes me wish it was Monday....nah!


Simmons Family said...

Looks like everyone had a good time. Great! So ummm. Wheres the Blue Angels photos too? lol And no matter how much there is to do sis. Nothing could make me wish it was Monday lol... however i will be proud to have the election behind us all.With any mercy from heaven at all McCain will take the White House. Just keep praying for Gods will and sharing the truth with those who would listen.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

That looks like a fun night...and oh, what an adorable cake! I'd be all over that for my girls' birthdays!