Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's Back :)

Ok, so I'm at home...and guess what...

Yep...the internet is back!

I ended up fixing it myself...go me...hard-wired instead of wireless, but hey...whatever works, right?!

I'm off to a birthday party now, but I WILL be back later tonight for a post with pictures!!

I am so happy.


Anonymous said...

funny how dependant we get on the net isn't it? and go you for sure fixing it yourself. they'll be calling you a net guru soon!! it's good to have you back. you've been missed. love ya, girlfriend!!!

Simmons Family said...

Hey sis,
well our little rocket scientist. seems you got it. Just FYI stuff about wireless. Many household electronics are based on an industry standard of common frequencies used. Now without making this complicated, simply put , cordless phones cordless routers(net) cordless modems ,wireless,security systems, the list is ongoing. But most operate on an RF of 2.4, 3.0,5.8, 6.0 etc... any two appliances sharing the exact same or really close RF will in most cases interfere with each other sooner or later, and sometimes right from the start. This may or may not have been what happened with your stuff, but just some gee wiz info whenever you go to purchase new stuff. The appliance is usually marked with a label or has it molded into the plastic as to what RF it is designed to use.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

You're so smart to fix your connection! Desperation will do that for ya, huh? *wink*