Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008...Part 3

Finally, Christmas Eve...
I had to work a 1/2 day, but it was worth it for a 4-day weekend...AND we had a work party!

That's my boss getting a big helping of cheese dip...and the rest of the guys

Office staff...Amy (boss' daughter), Kim (boss' daughter) and Me

Me & Amy with Patsy (boss' wife)...are you seeing a pattern? LOL....who also works in the office

The office staff exchanged gifts and I got some cool new scrapbooking toys to put to good use now that I have a little free time....the guys ate food...and Gerald gave us our bonus including an extra day off with pay...which I'm extremely grateful for :)

That evening, we headed to my mom's to celebrate Christmas with her & Jack and my sister, Tiffany. Remember my last post? Never a dull moment? Well, my sister and her husband got pulled over for having a headlight out (they had the replacement bulb on the dash, just not installed) and they couldn't find proof of insurance or her husband driver's license (he was driving). Luckily, the trooper was feeling generous and they only received a warning and a seat belt violation. Whew!

They finally made it to mom & Jacks' and we ate some great finger food and exchanged ....more livestock this time, but Blake did get a rabbit trap.

Mom & Jack showing off the Camping Scrapbook I made for them.

Quentin & his new apron that mom made and embroidered for him...."Grill Sergeant"

Mallorye showing off probably her favorite gift....a gas card from Aunt Tiffany

Blake & his rabbit trap...funny thing is, he helped build it and had no idea it was for himself

Me showing off a folk painting mom made and painted for me to go in my kitchen

Me & my sister Tiffany....our relationship has gotten so much better over the past 3 years and we finally act like sisters.....
And sometimes we act crazy....I love her!

Grandma Pat & the new silverware

Caleb opening his birdhouse & binoculars that Jack made for him...well, he didn't make the binoculars, but what good is a birdhouse without something to watch the birds with?

Little Daniel & his new flannel shirt from Aunt Gin-Gin (aka me)...he loves button up shirts and looks pretty awesome in green!
Most of the gifts were handmade and of course we all got our Santa bags with yummy treats from momma's kitchen, including the infamous "walnut"

Blake's walnut and it's contents
The kids think this is so cool when they get a walnut with money in it. My Great Grandma started this tradition a long time ago and it's of the things I love about Christmas.
I love the old traditions and now, some of the new.
Ok, we're almost there. Are you still with me? Tomorrow's post is Christmas Day!

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