Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas 2008...Part 4...The Finale

Ok, first I have to add to my Christmas Eve post, as my mom reminded me of actually one of my favorite traditions....I Saw It First. I think I did mention it around Thanksgiving, when the game started, but Christmas is when we wrap this game up. This year I gave my Aunt Jane (who always wins) a run for her money, as did my Aunt Liz...but guess what...I forgot my list!! I couldn't believe it! I got out to my aunt's for Christmas and realized I'd left my list at home and it couldn't be counted. It was still a close race between Aunt Jane and Aunt Liz, but alas, Jane won...again! Everyone loves doing this game and I think my mom loves coming up with the list and the prize. (*by the way...pray for my's her last day to smoke...she's quitting )

On to Christmas day....

I woke up early and waited for the kids until I couldn't stand it any longer and woke them up. I know...I'm worse than any Santa was on a budget this year, but we still managed to have some things under the tree that everyone loved.

The kids made it to the living room, but just wasn't quite feeling the Christmas spirit just
Quentin got a much needed new shirt

Blake opening up "Something he needs"....clothes....his fave gift? Camo Crocs
Mallorye and a really kewl sweater from cannot go wrong with teenage girls if you buy them clothes.

The stocking's.....with a new game for the fam...Apples to Apples

I've had a Garmin on my list for most of the year and finally got one for Christmas...definitely my favorite gift this year

Blake & Mallorye posing in front of the fireplace...after showers of course

And a close up ....hard to believe that next year Mallorye will be a senior and be preparing to leave the nest....

After presents, Quentin's parents and his brother came over for Christmas breakfast....eggs, bacon, biscuits, gravy, pancakes, and juice...yum!
Most of the day was spent just lazing around, which was perfect! I watched Tinkerbell with Mal...all snuggled up on her bed, and the guys watched football. Later on in the day, we visited my Grandma Vines and dad.
This Christmas was alot less about what we get materialistically...and much more about being a family. Couldn't be better.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year is full of new experiences and wonder. Happy New Year!

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