Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Old Man Winter

Old man winter paid a visit to Arkansas last night and left us with a nice covering of the white stuff....ice! The wind blew our patio furniture around and the sky deposited a nice coat of ice on everything.

This was my porch last night as it was still coming down.

And this afternoon, the roads are still slick, but we're starting to thaw out....we're up to 27 degrees!! A heat wave!

I was actually excited to see the ice....because I knew it meant I would be "stuck" at home...and well let's face it, lately that hasn't been happening. So I took the opportunity to put some ornaments on the tree and hang the stockings. I usually go all out for Christmas decorating, but this is as much as I can handle this year. I even managed to get my cards out this week.

And what's that under the tree? Yes! I even got a few presents wrapped. Now, if I could just finish my shopping!!
I'm thinkin' tonight we may sit down as a family and actually play a game! {gasp} Blake has really been wanting to play a board game and I think tonight is the perfect setting.


Simmons Family said...

As you know Sommer has moved back with our other Grandson to Van Buren. She was telling us about all the ice . David, her significant other made her drive him to work. She is nervous girl. Complicated by the fact she had never driven on the ice and had Christian ,the baby, with her made her a nervous wreck. She called here in tears about it. Really disturbed her with all the cars that had wrecked or that were in the ditch etc. and had nearly got herself in a pickle. Needless to say she wont do that again for a while. And yours truly was not at all happy with Daves judgement on this issue. In fact it made me angry a bit.
Anyhow, he is driving himself now.

They say its pretty rough there. .25 inch ice on the roads freezing and refreezing daily . The one thing I dont miss about Ark. or Okla. is the ice they got. Here , we are so high in elevation it usually turns to snow. Icing only in the valleys after a days thaw or something. It gets treacherous, in which case we dont even try to get down out of the mountains, we just wait it out , or I get nominated to venture out.
Would be great if we could have snow this year though for christmas. Not alot, just enough to give it the ambience for the Holiday. And no ice.
Wait and see I guess.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I love snow days! I heard that J'town didn't have school Wed/Thursday. hmmm...must've been bad.

Glad you had a nice day at home. I always tell my kids that snow days are a gift...a chance to stop and just "be".