Friday, January 2, 2009

A Day For Doing Nothing

New Years Day couldn't have been more perfect. We spent the day doing absolutely nothing and ALL of us stayed in our jammies ALL DAY. There were no schedules. No rushing to get somewhere. No agenda. There was napping. Ordering Pizza. Games. And relaxation.

Here's a few pix of yesterday's Spades game with the kids....

Quentin being silly...he's kinda new at Spades. We were in a tournament the night before and he went Neal holding the Ace of Spades...LOL! He did much better last night against the kids.

Quentin & Mallorye...(like the trash can in the background...ugh)

I was kinda scared to put this one on the blog...we do feed him...I promise! He's trying to do some fancy shuffle thing wasn't workin' for him!

Mallorye...intense concentration...she is a serious competitor.

Final score....508-238....Mom & Dad win! Woo Hoo! No Mercy!

Today has been a housecleaning day for me...Quentin had to work, but I was off..yeah. I think Mal and I are going to watch the Countdown to the Crown on TLC and I've been working on some journals for Quentin's 7th Grade Boys Class at church...but other than that...another lazy day...I love it!

This is a picture from today....a new gas station in town is having their grand opening and have started a price war. Quentin & Blake went out and snagged this picture. 99 Cents!! And it's dropped since then. Wow! The line is horrendous. Amazing what people will do to save a few pennies!

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