Monday, March 9, 2009

God Povides!

God is definitely good to my children.

They both have signed up (on faith) for a mission trip to Nicaragua over Thanksgiving 2009. The cost for each of them to go is $1500 and for us...well, that's just a miracle stretch. However, I didn't discourage them. I just told them to sign up and "prepare for rain." We have prayed that God would provide and He is doing just that!

Last week, we were told that both children had been given $250 each, to go toward their cost. We were blown away. Well, God just totally blessed our socks off yesterday.....we were pulled aside after the first morning service and told that someone had donated $1500 for Mallorye to go on this trip!! The total cost...including her spending money! WOW! The anonymous donor apparently has been watching Mallorye on Wednesdays and has been impressed at the way she conducts herself and her attitude. Let me tell ya, as a parent, that is the biggest compliment you could receive!

We transferred the $250 that had been previously given to her to Blake and so now he has $500....only a $1000 to go!

This will be the first time that either of them have been on a foreign mission trip and I'm convinced it will be life-changing for them. We covet your prayers on this endeavor and I plan on updating regularly as we travel this journey.

So, a few beginning details;

Trip Location: Leon, Nicaragua
Trip Date: November 21-28, 2009
Trip Cost: $1500.00 each
Trip Agenda: Building a new church, VBS, Street Evangelism, Fiestas....the kids will be sharing their faith on a daily basis....our youth pastor just went this past December and seen nearly 1,300 people accept Christ! That's making a kingdom difference.

Please pray that God continues to bless Mallorye & Blake financially and that He prepares them for sharing their faith in a foreign land.


Alicia Chambers said...

God is soooo good! I am so excited for them and all the people that are going.

Simmons Family said...

And POVIDE :)he does . Matthew 5 teaches us to go out and teach the good news to everyone. The book of Isaiah says his word will not return void, bottom line God will make a way to accomplish that which He wishes for us to accomplish. God is Glorious my friend. I think we two, you and I sis, probably have learned that just as much if not better than most over these past few years...
May he continue to richly bless you and you guys!