Friday, March 6, 2009

February 29 Snow

I think all sickness has finally left our house and since it's a beautiful 73 degrees here in Arkansas, I thought it'd be a great day to share last weeks snow pictures. Hey, it makes sense in my brain! LOL

So, here's the front of our house...we don't get much snow here which explains why the steps would still be covered with snow in this picture. Lucky for the mailman the snow came during the weekend and was pretty much melted away by noon on Monday. Gotta love Arkansas!

Our neighbor's house...just because it was a much prettier view. White house..white snow...cruddy picture! This really was a pretty snow...nearly 8"!!

Little Miss Priss...she loves a photo-op!

I have no idea what Blake is doing....

Ok, so I try again and now Mallorye closes her eyes!!

And this is the best family picture I could get...yes, hubby is taking the picture...and we all need to tan before summer!!! WOW!


Simmons Family said...

wishe we wouldve got some snow this year. Not to fond of the ice. But snow would be ok. Looks bright...Godd Lord never ceases to amaze when he breaks out the paint brush of nature and creative weather.

Alicia Chambers said...

In Blake's defense...He was a very sick boy that day! Some of his paleness may be from that. :D