Friday, April 17, 2009

Mallorye's New Ride

Since before Mallorye turned 16, she has wanted a silver Jeep Liberty. And since we haven't found the money tree in our backyard...I could've sworn I planted one....we haven't been able to indulge that dream....till now...sort of. An opportunity to purchase my cousins Liberty came knockin' on our door a few weeks ago....and he financed it. So now Mal is the proud owner of a "blue" (hey, sometimes you gotta give a little) Jeep Liberty....and has her first bill....because in the effort of teaching fiscal responsibility, she will be paying her payment & insurance....$100 a month for the truck payment and $92 a month for insurance...not bad.
Now for the pictures!

Mallorye & her new ride

Full Frontal

She loves the fact that it has a Mossy Oak steering wheel cover

A little southern attitude

...and a pink butterfly to show her "girly" side

About to take off on her first drive in it....I love that it dings until she puts her seat belt on :)

I have to say, she really is a good kid who deserved a break..and hopefully this will serve her, all the way through college would be nice!!

" Ok Mom, I'm shutting the door can quit taking pictures...really, I gotta go"


kelliegene said...

LOVVVVE it!!! She should be one happy girl..and having her pay will help her take better care of it.
I'm happy for Mal. She deserves a great ride.

Alicia Chambers said...

Ok so we gotta find her a personalized plate for that thing!Mostly so I will know its her b/c there are only 20 of those jeeps around paragould...give or take! ;)

Amber said...

Oh My Gosh!

I swear I will cry when it comes new car time around my house. Can you believe it?!

Bella said...

FUN! I hope she enjoys it very much.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...