Tuesday, July 21, 2009


...or actually, this should be titled, "I Need To Get Some Things Off My Chest"

*Blogger must hate me...I've not been able to upload pictures in...a.long.time...and it's annoying me

*when I posted that I thought Summer was going by way to fast, I did not mean for the temps to drop into the 60's...really, I'm not kidding...64 for the high today

*I'm really ready for my neck to quit hurting..really...today would be nice

*I am behind in both of my Bible studies, my leisure reading, my housework, and pretty much everything else

*I need a haircut

*I thought only teenage girls had mood swings...apparently, so do teenage boys..ugh

*I have gone way too long without a girls night out...really should be a weekly event, but not sure hubby would agree

*getting hit on should make a girl feel good, but when done at the VA Hospital..well, it was scary

Ok, that's probably enough...just had to get that out there...phew..I feel better.


Amber said...

Vent away, girl.

Vent away.

kelliegene said...

You know you completely crack me up!!!

Bella said...

LOL...at the VA, seriously? You do need a girls night out!!!!

mindi said...

I SO need to do one of those posts. Ughh, my time at home is almost over!!! And getting hit on at the VA hospital? SCARY!