Friday, August 7, 2009

Chicago Pictures....Finally!

These are some of my Chicago pictures I've been wanting to share, but Blogger had not been cooperating. We had an incredible time at the Willow Wonder Arts Conference and gained some very valuable insight into leading an effective Worship Ministry....

Me, JoAnn, & Jenny...about to head out. We left a few hours earlier than the guys...I was so proud of Jenny...she drove the entire way...her first time driving in a big city and man, was she initiated well!!

Jenny, Me, & JoAnn...walking in downtown Chicago with our Starbucks. This was our last night and we absorbed the sights...Millenium Park, The Library, Sears fave night was walking down the street singing Praise Songs and strangely enough, nobody looked at us like we were crazy!

Our Leadership Team...anxiously waiting to hear Hillsong...LIVE IN CONCERT....
Randy, Shannon, Billy, Jenny, Me, JoAnn, Andy, & Mike

Our team again..right after registration...this picture was courtesy of Sam Middlebrook..
Back Row: Shannon, Mike, JoAnn, Jenny, Me...Bottom Row: Randy, Billy, Andy

Amazing scenery....Jenny, Me, & front of the church! I mean, can you just imagine sitting on a bench, soaking up God's majesty, while having your Quiet Time?! Amazing!

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Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

What fun!

I am glad you were able to go and have a wonderful, refreshing time in Chicago. That church and the grounds look amazing!