Monday, August 10, 2009

The Great Lake Adventure

A few weeks ago, Quentin & I got the opportunity to hang with some of our friends at Lake Norfork. We desperately needed a weekend away WITHOUT the kids and we knew we were running out of time with the pending deployment....and as always, money was short.
Enter my best friend, Misty. She always comes through for me and often knows what I need before I even know! LOL! Her in-laws had a place at the lake we could all stay and her mom had a boat for entertainment! Perfect. Count me in.
Saturday it rained, but that was fine by all of us. We drove up the road a little ways to a little town, called Branson, MO. We did a little shopping...ate at Joe's Crab Shack...and just enjoyed not having to do anything in particular. We rented some movies for the night...and ahhh...bliss!
We woke up Sunday to sunny skies and the water calling our name. I felt like a teenager again...could be because I had not been on the lake in 19 YEARS!

Misty and I in between getting thrown off the tube...

Misty & I...hanging on for dear life...we were laughing hysterically, which could be part of the reason it was so hard to hang on... I love this chick! If I need to laugh. She's there. If I need to cry. She's there. If I need to vent. You guessed it...she's there. She's who I think of when I read scripture like..."a friend that sticks closer than a brother" or "gladly lay down his life for his friends." Both are true for this friendship and it's a two-way street. There's not a thing I wouldn't do for Misty.

Ok...enough of that sappy stuff...on to the rest of our tubing adventure....

This picture says it all...I'm pretty sure we were thinking we are way too old for this. Our bodies were so tired...I'm not sure if it was from being bounced all over the place or laughing! Or trying to hoist our big bad selves up on that tube! Hilarious!!

Shannon...the show off! After watching Misty and I struggle for 20 minutes to stay on the thing, Shannon decided to show us how it was done. I personally think we weren't driving fast enough if he can ride with NO HANDS! I will give him credit...he had been battling a kidney stone for the previous 2 weeks and only the day before did he pass the a little credit...but he's still a show off!!

My hubby, Quentin....pulling himself back to the boat after also making the ride look effortless. Maybe we should've made the guys ride together to see if it was still just as easy?!
We had an amazing weekend...very relaxing...only mishap was me deciding not to wear sunscreen because I wanted to get "a little sun." I got it! And am still pulling the dead skin off of my back and arms.


(army)Wife said...

It looks like you guys had an awesome time! Tubing like that is so much fun :)

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Oh my stars! The photo of you two girls laughing is absolutely priceless! You guys had a ball - I can tell!

So glad. So, so glad.


Alicia Chambers said...

Looks like a much deserved break! I am so glad you had fun. I can't think of someone who needed it more than you two. Laughter is the best medicine for everything life throws at us. Love ya!