Tuesday, August 11, 2009


What an incredibly long day!

As many of you have read, Mallorye has been out of volleyball ALL.SUMMER.LONG due to a sprained ankle that just refuses to heal. Today was our 2nd trip to the Campbell Clinic in Collierville...last week we went for our 1st appointment and an MRI ...and today for results.

Well...the MRI didn't show anything "worrisome." So, the doctor wanted to do some more tests, which today involved having a needle...a very long needle...stuck into the synovial joint in Mal's ankle. OUCH! We go back next week for another injection and hopefully will at least know what direction we're headed.

Right now they are leaning toward inflammation of the synovial joint...I have no idea what they will do for that...or if she'll get to play volleyball this year...her senior year..her last year.

I'm tired. I've been driving for over 5 hours today and I'm just pooped. So..there's the update of the exciting news of the day. Oh...and she didn't shed a tear! So proud!

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