Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Memorial Weekend Room Makeover...finally

As you know, Blogger did not like me for a few months, and I couldn't get pictures to upload to my Blog...well...we've made up :) So here is the pictures from Memorial Weekend...when Quentin & I repainted Mallorye's bedroom....

The paint colors! Hot Pink & Blush Pink...hey, the girl likes pink...

Daddy...doin' his thang! Really, he is an awesome painter! He is so patient and meticulous. However, he did totally underestimate the time it would take to paint this room...he was thinking we could be done in a day...more like 3 DAYS!

A pop of color on the inside of the closet...

These were built in drawers before paint...which tells you sort of what her room looked like before the makeover...drab. (since I failed to get a before picture)

...and my awesome paint job...yet another pop of color!

I even spray painted the hardware black...a first for me...and I think they turned out lovely...

Finished product...I also painted the letters of her name and I love that they fit exactly over her awesome is that?!

Still need a few more framed pictures around the "M", but all in all I think it's great

Paper Lanterns finally hung...she's had them for a year...and by the way..the canvas with the "M"...I made that..yes I did! All by myself..and I free handed the "M" when I cut it out of my scrapbook paper...impressive, I know.

and the final verdict...Mallorye loved it! Phew!!
Next room? Bathroom or Office??


whimzie said...

Hi, Ginger! Cute room! Any girl would love it!

I just saw your comment on Mer's blog and I emailed you at the shmily address on your profile. (I emailed you from Let me know if you don't get anything from me.)

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

How beautiful, Ginger!! I can see why she loves it :)

I vote for the bathroom!


Amber said...