Saturday, September 5, 2009

Smile Complete

Really, what is the point in having a blog if you can't use it to embarrass you children?

Wednesday was a banner day in the Bales' house...Blake got his braces off...after nearly 2 years! We have now successfully put 3 of our family of 4 through the brave world of orthodontic treatment...and beautiful smiles of course.

I was not able to go to this visit, but my best bud Misty, happens to work at the Furgus/Burris Orthodontic office and thought to snap these photos for me! That is a great friend!

The staff singing to Blake after he got his braces removed...I think this made him just a little "red-faced."

Receiving his water bottle (that I will use) filled with all the candy he wasn't supposed to eat during his orthodontic treatment (which I'm sure he ate most of what was in there while the braces were on).

And here we are...with our new smile!

Thank you Dr. Burris & Dr. Fergus! (check them out...they're the best...and coolest!)

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Alicia Chambers said...

I did not know Blake got his braces off...He's such a cutie!