Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thoughts on a Sunday

Hold your breath for 2 minutes.

Did you do it? What did you notice?

Our bodies were created to need oxygen and when we go without it..even intentionally...there becomes this desperation. Breathing oxygen is not something we think about. We just naturally do it...automatically...without thinking.

We were also created with a need for a relationship with Christ....a fellowship with Him...worship of Him....and when we go to long without that need being met, there is a desperation. Worship of the Creator God should be automatic. We should not have to think about whether or not we're going to give Him praise.

I'm reading an awesome book right now that hammers that point home....Praise Habit by David Crowder. This book has challenged me to look at worship in a different light. Where do I find God? Because really...He's everywhere. He doesn't move...but do I notice Him?

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