Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Milestone....Senior Prom

Another milestone passed. Mallorye attended her last high school prom Friday night and boy was it ever memorable! It started out with her hair appointment...the lady that we had booked never showed!! The salon was booked solid, but luckily was able to get us into another salon and Mallorye looked always.
Then, there was the torrential rains...these pictures were taken about an hour before the storm hit...the storm that also produced tornadoes!!

We lucked into this dress on Monday...yes, 4 days before Prom!

I love this girl....can't believe that this is her senior prom!

....and a perfect corsage! Her favorite flower in the perfect colors...very unique.

Mallorye went to Prom with some friends....Matt was at a Men's Retreat with our church....and after going to the dance for an hour, decided she'd rather be at home and was home by 10:30pm . I'm pretty proud of her. I know there were other places she could've went, but she chose to come home.

The next big milestone....Graduation...only a few more weeks away.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Beautiful! I absolutely love her dress.

So...our local HS prom was this weekend too...and it was rescheduled because of our mini-blizzard. I felt so sorry for all the girls who had their hair/nail appts and limos that were scheduled. That stuff isn't cheap...and not they have to re-do or reschedule it.

Graduation, huh? I can't even imagine your range of emotion right now. Hang in there, girl.

Bella Michelle said...

She looks beautiful and I absolutely love, love, love her corsage!

We just had graduation on Friday night and what an emotional month it has been! Blessings to your dear, sweet girl and her new season of life.