Tuesday, December 14, 2010

{Meet The Wesleys}

This past Saturday was a bittersweet day for me....I thought I was ready, but I bawled like a big baby as I watched my baby girl emerge in a gown of white and transform into a beautiful woman...a bride...a wife. In spite of the freezing temps outside and the rain falling from the clouds, the day was beautiful as this amazing young couple vowed their love and commitment to one another and began their life journey...together.

One of my favorite bridal pictures of Mallorye...stunning!

I love this picture....so sweet and pure.

Introducing.... Mr. & Mrs. Matt Wesley

Mallorye had the absolute best bridesmaids...these girls always had a smile on their face...even through some pretty tough circumstances at times...and they made everyone feel special. This is one of the ring bearers, my nephew, Caleb...being kissed by Hailey and Adrienne, while Chelsea and Kathryn look on.

Chelsea and Kathryn's turn to kiss a ring bearer...Brendan...wonder if they think it will bring them good luck?? Hmmmm....

Mallorye dancing with her daddy for the last time as Mallorye Bales....yes, I totally lost it at this point, but it was definitely worth the tears. A rare tender moment shared by those two.

Cutting of the cake with a portion of their Dr. Suess vows inscribed on a layer...this was definitely not your typical wedding. The exchange of rings was probably the only traditional element. Thier vows were Dr. Suess and hilarious...much needed after that daddy/daughter dance and Mallorye came in to Butterfly Kisses. It was a unique wedding infused with their personality...the way it should be.
So...now we begin a new chapter of our lives. Mallorye as a wife. A son-in-law. Two families intertwined with a lifetime of love.

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mindi said...

Beautiful!! She was gorgeous. She IS gorgeous. Now you can relax and enjoy the rest of the Holiday season knowing all of that work is done!! And well worth it I might add . . .