Wednesday, December 22, 2010

{Merry Christmas 2010}

As everyone knows who reads this has been one heck of a year around here...thus I haven't even bought a Christmas card, so this shall be it :) Consider it a Christmas letter and card all rolled into one....

Quentin's unit was mobilized in 2009 and left for Afghanistan in January 2010. They did a phenomenal job clearing the roads and had the best det-to-find ratio of any unit past or present and ZERO fatalities. They ALL returned in November with a very low number of injuries. Since being home, Quentin has went deer hunting a few times, duck hunting, and numerous basketball games....he even danced his baby girl down the aisle as he gave her away on her wedding day. We took a couple's trip to Kansas City the weekend before the wedding where he got to watch his team the Denver Broncos take on the Kansas City Chiefs.

Mallorye has been a busy beaver!! She competed in the Miss Teen USA Arkansas pageant in January, graduated high school in May, started college on a full tuition scholarship in August, bought a house in September, started a new job somewhere in there, and got married (to Matt...a pretty awesome addition to the family) in December!! I've been so proud of how well she has juggled all the new roles that she has and I'm excited to see her blossom in this new chapter of life.

Blake killed yet another deer this season, keeping our freezer stocked. He's decided to focus only on basketball and has really excelled the past few games, averaging around 13 points a game. School is going well for him with all A's (with the exception of a B in Geometry) and for the first absences! and....he has a girlfriend...surprise..surprise. Actually, she's a very sweet girl and was brave enough to come hang out at our house last Friday.

I've stayed busy this year planning a wedding and sending letters to Afghanistan and running Blake here and there and everywhere. I'm still singing in the Praise Team at church and lovin' it....still writing for Army Wife Magazine and lovin' it.....still burning the candle at both ends and....oh never mind....

One things for sure....we have been very blessed this year and are looking forward to an incredible from the Bales' Family.....


Family Picture taken in January the day Quentin deployed

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