Friday, December 17, 2010

{Goal Setting}

With January right around the corner, I've been thinking about the areas in my life that I really want to work on. One of these is in the area of spiritual discipline. I consider myself a good person and I'm a doubt about that...however, I falter with some of the basics of spiritual discipline. This year I really desire to draw closer to God and create the habit of some of these basics...not as a way to check things off of a list...but because I know these disciplines draw me closer to God...disciplines such as; reading my Bible EVERY day, tithing, daily prayer (the real, conversation kind), and scripture memory.
Well, what do you know? One of my spiritual mentors from afar is offering a neat tool to help in scripture memory, along with accountability via her blog. I'm all about a crafty tool, that's cute and useful, so you can bet I jumped on this opportunity!! Beth Moore is an incredible godly woman that has a heart for women. Her blog is full of encouragement, challenges, and accountability...check it out here. While you're there, check out the Siesta Spiral to help memorize scripture in 2011.

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