Thursday, December 16, 2010

{Real Me...Inside My Purse}

I mean, really...who doesn't want to know what's inside my purse?? Ok, so actually this question was posed to someone else and I just borrowed it because I didn't have much to blog about those inquiring minds (or those who have nothing better to read) is what is inside my purse;

*my wallet
*thank you tag from Mallorye's wedding cookies
*rhinestone barrettes that I purchased for Mallorye's wedding...but didn't wear
*orange highlighter x2
*yellow highlighter
*pens x7 (in red, blue, & black)
*bobby pins
*ponytail holder....a girl never knows
*cell phone charger
*Victoria Secrets Beauty Rush Juiced Berry lotion ( I borrowed this from Mal)
*paper clip
*insurance receipt of payment
*deposit receipts x3
*Bath & Body Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion
*antibacterial hand gel x2 (I'm really not a germ freak, so not sure why I have 2)
*Victoria Secrets Beauty Rush lip gloss (ok...I absolutely LOVE this stuff)
*carmex (it's winter...enough said)
*Pizza Inn coupons

I really carry a small purse, so I was amazed that all this stuff was in there!! So, what random things are in your purse??

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Kleenex? Can't imagine what a mother of the bride would need those for! :)

I keep digging past a cap in my purse that belongs on top of a spray can of clear acrylic glaze. I painted some ornaments for my daughter's class and left the cap in the garage. After walking past it a few times, I picked it up and threw it in my purse. Still there. How's that for random?