Thursday, February 10, 2011

{Project Life...Week 5}

I'm a few days late posting, but I've been busy with life this week and for that I won't apologize :) Anywho...better late than never...Week 5 of Project Life!

Left side of my layout...

....and the right side.
Exciting, I know. Now for the good stuff. The daily pictures...that's really what you want to see anyway. (insert drum roll)

Sunday 01-30
I've mentioned that we host small group (Life Group) in our home every Sunday night...the children go to Mallorye & Matt's house with one adult and I try to have an activity for them to do that goes along with the devotional that they will be going over. The kids seem to really enjoy it and it makes it pretty easy on the adult leader. I love that we're ministering to both the adults in our group...and their children.

Monday 01-31
Blake had a ballgame tonight...not just any ballgame....but a game against crosstown rival Greene County Tech. These games are always intense, but this time our boys had something to prove...GCT triumphed in an earlier game in the season, but not tonight! PJHS won this round 44-26 maintaining bragging rights!

Tuesday 02-01
I was scheduled to work late today, so Mal skipped class to come and work on our Project Life albums before I went to work. I normally wouldn't encourage skipping class, but she wasn't going to miss anything this particular day and I kinda like hanging out with my daughter :)

Wednesday 02-02
I receive a text reminder every month to perform my monthly breast self-exam...they are always so light-hearted and funny and this one was soooo cute!

Thursday 02-03
My desk at work. This is where I spend most of my time it seems. You'll notice my phone and water bottle are in easy reach and beside my phone is my scripture memory cards.

Friday 02-04
...and this is where I live. An aerial view of my neighborhood courtesy of Google.
We really enjoy our's quiet (for the most part), a great neighborhood to take evening walks, it's close to pretty much everything, and we live just a few houses down from Matt & Mallorye (which I think is pretty wonderful).

Saturday 02-05
I spent the day with a kindred friend Kellie. We met back in 2002 through an online group and have been friends ever since...we share a love for scrapbooking, singing, and most importantly God. I always leave Kellie's refreshed and wondering why we don't get together more often. Her and her husband, Terry, are the real deal and I love them :)

So, 5 weeks of documenting my daily life...I think it's almost a habit!
If you enjoy checking out my pictures, I bet you'd like others go to Jessica's blog and check out other Project Lifers.

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