Thursday, February 17, 2011

{Project Life...Week 6}

It's that time again...Project Life Tuesday...on Thursday..because I'm so not with it this week. AND..I don't have any pictures of my layouts because...well...I don't have them done..yet...but I do have the pictures, so that's a start!

Sunday 02-06
Celebrating the Super Bowl with our Small Group....the guys yelled at the television while the girls played cards...These are the newlywed/engaged girls...Brittany, Mallorye, & Melissa. We love our small group and are enjoying just doing life with these people.

Monday 02-07
Freshman night at Doc Paynter's Court. Blake's girlfriend, Taylor, is a Jr. High Cheerleader...these girls did a great job cheering our boys on this year to a Conference Championship.

Tuesday 02-08
I voted "YES" today for the millage increase for the Paragould School that will help build a new school and improve some of the older facilities.

Wednesday 02-09
Snow Day #3...Mallorye enjoyed catching snow flakes, while Blake tried to fake a snow angel with a broom (lol)...Matt, Mal, & Luke came down later and pegged our windows with snowballs. All in all....a great snow day!

Thursday 02-10
A crock-pot full of homemade stew is just what the doctor ordered for the sickness going around in our house.

Friday 02-11
No Picture Today....
Quentin took Blake to the Arkansas Sportshow and I'm using this as a backdrop for their tickets.

Saturday 02-12
View from The Austin Hotel in Hot Springs, AR
Me, Quentin, Matt, & Mallorye went to Hot Springs to watch the Mrs. Arkansas Pageant...Mal is considering competing next year and we thought Matt should see what he was getting

So, hopefully I will get back on track next week and be on time!
As always, there is some creative people out go check them out on Jessica's blog...right here!

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