Saturday, May 28, 2011

{Coupon Virgin}

After attending a Basic Couponing class a few months ago, reading multiple couponing blogs, and watching Extreme Couponing on I bit the bullet and went on my first coupon excursion. Mallorye went with me and I think we did ok.

I spent the week clipping coupons and scouring the ads to see what the best deals were...

....then in true OCD fashion...I organized my coupon binder :)

I was nervous....I thought I had my ducks in a row...but I didn't count on stores being sold out. Walgreens was out of pretty much everything on my transactions this was all I got and it wasn't just a tremendous savings.

...but I persevered. Fred's was a success!

Overall, I spent roughly $40 today for $80 worth of product. Not quite as good as the people on TV with their 98% savings...but I'm thinking 50% savings on my first trip is pretty good and I'm sure I'll just get better as I learn the ropes.

I'm excited to see what new sales the week brings :)

1 comment:

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

You did good! 50% is excellent!

I've totally slacked in the coupon dept...maybe now that its' summer and I'm less busy I can focus on saving money again.