Friday, May 20, 2011

{Your Opinion Matters}

Finally...someone has recognized that among National Guard/Reserve deployments, that the spouses are also struggling to readjust. Having been through two deployments, I definitely feel that often times, the spouses are falling through the cracks. There are programs to support the soldier, the children, and family in general...but nothing for the spouses specifically. The programs that are in place aren't cutting it.

Well...insert Cynthia. She's a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology at the University of Hawaii's Department of Psychology and the principle investigator for a new study that focuses on post-deployment experiences of National Guard and Army Reserve spouses. She acknowledges that research is lacking for spouses of National Guard/Reserve soldiers and how post deployment marital distress and behavioral health is affecting the spouses. I'm excited! This study could be extremely beneficial in making our lawmakers and military officials aware that there is a gap in support. I believe that if you want a strong soldier, healthy in body & mind, then he needs a strong family and that starts with the spouse.

Please...please...please...take the time to take Cynthia's survey. It's completely anonymous and she needs your honesty. Check it out here.

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