Friday, August 5, 2011

{Baby's First Picture}

Mallorye & Matt went for her first ultrasound today! There is only ONE Baby Wesley, much to everyone's relief...especially Matt...and everything looks wonderful.

Mallorye is OFFICIALLY 14 weeks and is due January 31st.

She's still been getting sick throughout the day, so Dr. Hasik prescribed some Zofran to help combat that problem. She's also been pretty tired, which is attributed to her thyroid levels fluctuating due to the pregnancy and the fact that she's a little bit anemic. Dr. Hasik is keeping a close eye on her labs, so no worries.

With an official due date comes the big decision. Do I go to Nicaragua as planned with Mal only having 5 weeks to delivery day? Or do I forgo my plans and potentially lose the money that has been put toward my trip?? I'm so torn! I've really been excited to go on my first mission trip, but I'm equally excited to see my first grandbaby be born and not sure I want to risk missing that. Well....any wisdom would be appreciated....especially since I have to make a final decision by Sunday morning.

....and while we're talking babies.....Mallorye is the one of three expectant mommies in our family. Laura, my cousin Colby's wife, is expecting a little girl in November....Aria Beth. And his younger brother Cord & his soon-to-be wife, Morgan, are expecting a baby shortly after Mallorye in February. We have babies running out of our ears!! Next Christmas will be an adventure for sure.

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