Thursday, November 24, 2011

{30 Days of Thanksgiving ... Day 22-24}

Day 22: I am thankful for my ability to adapt.

Life continually throws curveballs my way, but God has blessed me with an ability to just "roll with the punches." I don't always initially respond well, but it doesn't take me long to get my bearings and figure out what I need to do and do it. I recognize that not all people adapt to challenges in that way, which is why I choose to be thankful for it.

Day 23: I am extremely thankful that my mother-in-law, Frances, made it through surgery with the best possible outcome.

Dr. Laryea did a fabulous job and although he said that he believes that we are dealing with cancer, after removing the colon mass, he was able to reattach and Frances did not have to have a colostomy...or a feeding tube. Both great outcomes! Let the healing begin :)

Day 24: I am thankful for a caring hospital staff at UAMS.

They have been wonderful to us and everyone has wished us a happy thanksgiving and are trying to make the fact that we're in the hospital over the holidays a little less gloomy.

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