Monday, April 8, 2013

{Easter 2013}

My mom is the best at making holidays special and putting forth the extra effort to make it a fun and memorable time for everyone. We had a wonderful meal that everyone pitched in on, followed by hunting eggs for the littles (complete with prizes), and then Minute-To-Win-It games for the adults (hilarious!). We learned who can shake it...and who can't. LOL.

This was technically Olivia's 2nd Easter, but she was only a few months old last year. This year, she toddled around and picked up eggs with the best of them. She didn't even mind the rain...well, mostly she didn't mind.

 "Look mom! I found an orange one."

 Olivia & mommy hunting for eggs at Nana & Papa Jack's...

 I hate that this one is blurry...but I took all the pictures with my the

I think Olivia ended up finding about 6 eggs...not bad for a 1 year old...and she was so cute doing it!

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