Saturday, April 27, 2013

{My First Medal}

I woke up this morning at 6am to get ready for my 2nd 5K race....there was a slight monsoon going on outside my window...complete with a lightning show. So...the battle began. Do I get up and go run in the rain or turn the alarm off. I was pretty sure I would never convince Mallorye to run in the rain, but my competitive nature wouldn't let me go back to sleep. I paid good money for this. I'm going to get a t-shirt...and I'm never going to get better hitting snooze. {oh, how I hate the voice of reason some days}

To my surprise, Mallorye got up and dressed...reluctantly...but still, she was game if I was. Quentin even got up to come cheer us on!

Me & Mallorye before the race...#88 and #99...the rain had stopped for the moment and it was looking like it might be a pretty good day for a run.

 Craighead Forest has to be the most gorgeous place for a race! Ok, I wasn't a fan of the "gently rolling hills" {seemed like mountains to me & why must every race have them?} but the view was breathtaking and kept me motivated.

 Mallorye working her way up one of the hills....I know her shins were killing her at this point and I'm so proud of her for pushing through the discomfort and not quitting.

 She caught up with least for a moment. I love having her with me on runs!
After mile 2, there was a little misty rain starting...but I have to say, at that point, it was welcome.

 Crossing the finish line. I missed having Brandi there to run me in, but just in case she's reading this....I did run all the way in :)
My official time was 46:32....6 seconds faster than my last 5K and a PR.
Just getting better and better....LOL.

Quentin was waiting for me at the finish line. It was nice to have him there supporting me and cheering me on...he also kept me updated along the way as to where I was time wise, which was helpful.

 Look at that!!! I won 1st place in my age division! Who would've thought it!?

 #88 and her first place medal!
I won't lie...I'm pretty proud of this ....and I wasn't even the only one in my age division!

 Me & Mal after the race......until next time.

I'm really starting to enjoy running and trying to beat my last time. Competing against myself is way better than any other competition.


Anonymous said...

So very proud of you and you have good reason to be proud of yourself! Love the pics!

Dawn said...

So very proud of you and you have good reason to be proud of yourself! Love the pics!