Monday, April 29, 2013

{Lest Anyone Forget...}

Lest anyone forget, an entire post dedicated to my awesome son, Blake!

Since becoming a grandmother, most of my pictures end up being of sweet little Olivia and much of my conversation is about what cute little thing she's done or how much she's growing. It's tough to be a grandma when you still have a child of your own at home, so today, I wanted to share with you my favorite man-child.

 Uncle B teaching Olivia how to roll the basketball...gotta start them out early...and of course, Olivia is cheesing it up for the camera.

 This is the tender side of Blake that most people don't get the privilege of seeing. He is so patient with Olivia and that little red-headed spitfire adores her Uncle B. Watching him with her, assures me that someday he'll make an excellent daddy. I've witnessed this same tenderness and patience with his cousins and the children at church. I pray he always remembers that little people are watching him and following where he leads.

 Blake definitely dances to the beat of his own drum and I'm so thankful! Who wants "cookie cutter people?" Be an individual!

 FYI: Don't ever tell Blake that he won't do something. He most certainly will!
He is riding Olivia's rocking horse down the sidewalk in front of our house...I made the mistake of saying that he wouldn't do it...but of course, he did.

 The boy has mad skills! This is his balance-a-quarter-and-2-forks-on-a-glass trick. Now that's just pure talent right there. If ever you're in need of some random trick or useless information, such as, the medical term for inhaling volcanic ash (Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis: I know this because Blake has told me a million times) then Blake is your go to guy!

 The goofy, fun-loving side of Blake.
I'm not sure how many people really get to see this side either, but this kid loves to have fun and I encourage it. Life is too short to take too seriously.

 I think he makes a pretty cute spider man.

 He towers over me, but he will always be my baby boy with eyes so big & brown.
One of my favorite things to do is watching him play ball and cheering him on. I yell louder than anyone, but he swears he can't hear me. Tunes me out and focused on his game...LOL.

 Getting some instruction from the Coach Lindsey...yes, Blake is the tallest on his team.

 I know the picture is a little blurry, but I had to add it. Basketball is one of Blake's passions. I'm certain when anyone mentions his name, basketball is the first thing that comes to's what he's known by, what he's passionate about. I can't wait to see how he improves his senior year.

Sometimes, you gotta sit the bench. Although not his favorite place to be...he never complains. He just waits it out and does his best once he's on the court.

I love this kid and can't believe he will turn 18 in a few short months and that in a year he'll be graduating. Where has the time gone? I just want to freeze it for just a little while.

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