Sunday, May 12, 2013

{Mother's Day 2013}

Mother's Day weekend 2013 might go down as one of my favorites. We spent Saturday at my mom & Jack' & my kiddos, my sis & her kiddos, and mom & Jack. It was almost perfection.

The day was gorgeous and Jack & mom made a wonderful lunch for us. We enjoyed time outside, swapping stories, laughing and just good ol' fashioned family time.

 Mallorye & Olivia...that little girl adores her momma and her momma adores her. Watching them together is a breath of fresh air for me.

 Squealing with delight...oh how I wish pictures had sound! You would just die at the sound of those precious giggles.

 Me & my little sis...Tiffany. I remember when we didn't even like each other much...and now we're best friends. Amazing how time draws us close to the things that truly matter.

 Being goofy...

 I really love this girl! My family is the best. We absolutely are crazy!! And love to have fun...above picture as Exhibit A

 Me & my baby boy on Mother's Day...I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that he only has one year of school left...then college. I'm not ready.

 Me & the one who made me a mom. She has been my guinea pig on all things mothering and has survived with a smile. Now, I get to watch as she tests her wings as a mom...I might add, she is doing a fabulous job!

 My first born with her first born!

 Me & my momma...we've seen plenty of ups and downs, but this woman has taught me what it means to persevere. I know many of her choices in life were for me and my sister...I know she put some of her own dreams on hold for us...she has taught us what it means to savor life and to cherish each day as if it was your not be afraid to just be yourself...and that its ok to make yourself happy. I love you mom!

 Mothers Day Picture take 999
I love this, glaring at the camera as if to say "just take the dang picture." Blake and his dopey grin and Mallorye laughing hysterically at how many times it takes to get a good picture of us three!

 Finally...almost perfect. Except I'm looking at the wrong camera and you can't see Olivia  pulling on her mommas leg...that I cropped out...LOL..but I'll take it. My kids. My life.

 My sisters youngest...Caleb...the thinker (or dreamer)...

My sister, my mom, & me.
Three women who have journeyed through some tough wilderness, but you won't find more strength or love than in the hearts of these.

My sister and her boys...Daniel & Caleb
A mother of boys is no trivial task...she is a hero!

Happy Mothers Day!!!

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