Saturday, November 30, 2013

{Lacing Up & Moving On}

Well...I've recuperated from the Half-Marathon, enough that I thought it would be a good idea to sign up for my next Half. Yea...I know, I'm crazy! The first time is out of the way...time to move on.

I learned so much from the first go around, that I plan on preparing based on the lessons learned.

{1} Toenails are way over-rated: Clip them short before you run.

{2} I tend to go out too fast: Practice pacing myself, so that I can finish strong.

{3} There is a right way to tie your shoes: Make sure you do it right! And if you don't...fix it as soon as possible.

{4} Going 13.1 miles will bring out every emotion and test you in ways you didn't think possible: Embrace the emotions, don't fight it.

{5} You can't underestimate the importance of friends: Don't go it alone!

{6} Be prepared: Train. Train. Train!!

It's 15 weeks until the Germantown Half Marathon and I'm determined to train and give it my very best. I know what to expect...sort of...and I believe with training, I can definitely make a better showing. Time to lace up and get to training!

For the sake of accountability...I'm going to post my weekly plan each week and follow up with how it went.

December 1 - 7

Sunday - Rest Day
Monday - Strength Training  w/Jillian
Tuesday - 3 Mile Run
Wednesday - Cross Train on the Elliptical
Thursday- 3 Mile Run & Strength Training w/Jillian
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - Cross Train on the Elliptical

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